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Some of the things that I've made:

  • Checkmate Champ: a chess tactics trainer. Improve your chess ability by solving these checkmate problems.

  • the new amecy games: turn-based chess and modern board games (Connect6, Hex, Amazons, Phutball, Twixt, Toguz Kumalak)

  • The Surly 9-Ball: predicting the future poorly since 2012
    "all your questions will be answered, and all our answers will be questioned"

  • NEW! this is the thing: the amecy blog (latest post: 24 June 2020)
  • Since 2015, I have been the maintainer of HexWiki, a wiki dedicated to the board game of Hex.


    A few years ago, I wrote programs for two of Mark Steere's board games, Cephalopod and Cage. The Cephalopod program can be found here, and the Cage program is here.

    twisty word thing: some simple word puzzles

    Blockade: A game I wrote a loooong time ago. It shouldn't take you too long to beat. Also, I left the page exactly as it was. Enjoy.......

    Hippolyta: an Amazons-playing program


    Some songs that I wrote a long time ago. Melodies only, no lyrics.

  • Skies of Orange and Gray (Lullaby) (2004?)
  • I Can Hardly Wait (2006?)
  • untitled (2006?)
  • What'd ya have in mind? (July 2012)

  • Miscellanea

    word finder: Given a word from 4 to 16 letters, this will tell you all the words of at least 4 letters that can be formed using those letters.

    odds for Pinochle melds

    Pascal's triangle for no reason!

    Needlessly demonstrative 404 error page!

    my attempt at a webcomic: Wow, Steve #1

    some fun links

    the Keyboard Keyboard: play music by typing (added April 2012)
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    Giovanni the beagle

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    Gremlin kitty

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